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Dog Featuring Lil'Fizz And Jhene Lyrics

Dog Featuring Lil'Fizz And Jhene by B2K  

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Dog Featuring Lil'Fizz And Jhene intro
(dog bark)
jhene: woah
lil fizz: platinum status
jhene: oh no
lil fizz: bringin you the heat
jhene: woah you were playin games on me
oh no
im your new enemy
no no now you will never be
your a dog
why you go and do that
no it didn't work

[ Jhene ]verse1
You thought i was in the dark(no no never me)
baby boy from the start(you was trippin)
I was askin questions to see if you was creepin 4 no reason at all
I am accusing you of cheating no matta what you sayin
it's so irritating so baby stop playin

trying to run game on me
You're a dog thinkin you can cheat on me
You're a dog, boy you know you lost my trust
you're a dog
and i know it's obvious
you're a dog

You were playing games on me
I'm your new enemy

[jhene] verse2
I heard you say you were goin to push up on her
I play along boy you think i'm stupid
im on point no i dont miss a damn thing
Fed Up but Jhene aint fallin
play i dont know but she is my dog yea
I got my friend on you tellin her to call
You got caught now i know that you're a dog

[chorus x2]

[ Lil'Fizz rap]
I'm a D-O-G from tha T-U-G it's hard trying to be
F-I double Z
I'm tha Jay-Z of my generation so sick i'm every
hospitals number 1 patient
Girls be killin me with they fantasies
When all i really wanted was the G-T-D's
Two minutes of conversation and ya out of control
I'm a D-O-G aint no changing me

you think i didnt know you
lil fizz: you could be doggin me
jhene:how you played me for a fool
im your new enemy

barking at the wrong tree
lil fizz: ah the wrong tree
jhene: now you turn into my enemy
i planned it all like
why you gon do that
i tried to test you
i guess i didnt work
(repeat chorusx2)

lil fizz:
lil fizz ya'll
platinum status- 2002
bringin the heat
number 1 hot track
platinum status
the hottest thing on the street
you better look out! yeaa

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