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Back Up Lyrics by B2K


Back Up by B2K

uh huh
B2k ridin around in 4 drop tops
it's a friday time to hit the hots spots
step in the club,all eyes on us
lookin at the fellas that be doin way to much
tryin to hit the snack table
spike a fruit punch
i dont wanna take a girl
just give her a soft touch
lil'fizz omarion j-boog raz-b 15 and holdin it down for cali

the party's poppin off tonite
all my mommies lookin tight
they got they baby tees and saggy jeans
and theres a couple of them lookin at me
so i took off my shades to be the scene
took out the wallet flash the cream
the dance for is packed i see
and i came here to party

get your back up off the wall (oh woo)
all my people just party all night long (oh woo)
booty shakin all the fellas singin the song (oh woo)
everybody put yo hands in the air and wave em' like you dont care 2x

the players in the house tonight
ladies shakin it from left to right
everybody is havin a ball
but there's a couple of them standin on the wall
so my fellas who be at the club
go get you a girl and tell that mommy shake yo butt
to my ladies yo get off the wall and go get yo a man and shake it like i kno you can
(we can)

chorus (2x)

never thought anybody else could get down like this
got girl surroundin me like a lunar eclipse
stop all the talkin got sumthin better you can do with your lips
cop whips, but best of all fast chicks
im 15 with a dream
naw iom lyin im 15 with creamm
doin big things
f-i-zz drop rhymes drop dymes
drop hits when i drop its over with

Chorus till fade