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Maybe I Cant Goodbye Lyrics

Maybe I Cant Goodbye by Aya Hirano  

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Maybe I Cant Goodbye What are you gonna do about this mad situation?
Feelings I can't control all hit back at me together.
The hopele is the reality that can't be hidden.
You'll just No!

*No matter you won't crying won't change anything.
I can't ese I don't wanna escape.
It's like a Yeah!

**I know I know I know...
I know I need you know.
Unknown Unknown Unknown...
I call meet you tonight.
Made to A. even for things I'm not even conscious of.
When I can I'm shouted at for being "irreponsible".
You say you're angry for my own good.
When I can't understand you act like I'm a fool.
Should I really forgive?

It's not as if this is all I know.
I'm scared to lose this fortunate time.
How much will you be involved in my life?
I can't think about it.

You know you know you know...
That I will never betray.
Unknown Unknown Unknown...
Maybe I can't good-bye.

I'm gonna lose my mind.
I'm fallin' love with you.

*Repeat **Repeat

I know I know I know...
Unknown Unknown Unknown...
I know I know I know...
Unknown Unknown Unknown...

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