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Blessed By Gore - Avulsed


Blessed By Gore by Avulsed

[music: furni 1/99]
[lyrics: dave rotten]
disguised by a soutane
prasing the name of god
concealing his perversity
behind a forced smile
respected parish priest
none would suspect on him
keeping people away from sin
he was just selecting
pedophilia with babies
anal sex with young boys
deflowering of harmless girls
and necrophilia after all
deranged by tender kids
bloodfeast with easy preys
lacerating to feel their pain
quartering corpses for lunch
blessed by gore!! [x4]
no witness could survive
to his macabre vision of lust
all cadavers dissappeared
buried, burnt or food for dogs
a perturbed mind
chose church to kill
a perfect alibi
left unpunished
blessed by gore!! [x4]