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A Transylvanian Funeral Lyrics It's Yours

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It's Yours

by A Transylvanian Funeral. Buy album CD: A Transylvanian Funeral

And it's yours
Commentatin', you illustratin,
All the beautiful things that a baller can go for
But i'm not that, I don't like to floss
If you need me in your universe, listen it's yours
Uhuh uh uh...
And it's yours
Do you like this? Yea
Do you want this? Yea
Well if you had it would you flaunt this? Hell yea
Well it's yours
Talkin to a player who's already played can
Soon lead to boredom and your feelings just may fade
Never be intrigued by the young boy face
Look inside me love you see I got wild taste
I don't really know but
Somebody said that
A high-priced girl can really lay in your head
I don't know
If it's true now, I leave it up to you
Queenstyle, uh, well it's yours
Your style plus angle done up with finesse
Is rubbing you right and I hope you don't
Now it's time, to introduce
Myself as Tip so cut the other cats loose
Listen, I hope you're diggin this tune
Cause when I get you in a room I'm gonna make you swoon
Usually the reason why a lady wants me
She write down her number, I make impact
Which only occurs, if the club ain't packed
So ??? Come on, stop whilin, I got it all fixed
Just listen to the mix to the mix.....
Break down yall, break it down (x4)
To da beat, to da beat....
Ali, ali, ali.....
Common talk, deserves a walk,
While I sit in a range
Everything he says to you from now on
Since talkin to me, it all seems strange
you will agree
Just let your mind be free
Relax yourself, I got you now
Yo, this is the place to be
What what what.....
Romance uh, Romance uh, Romance uh
A cracker jack joint to put on your ring finger
When you're all alone thoughts of us still linger
Once the picture is finished, the music ain't done
The difference is the memories, we had fun
Cause they'll be plenty of nights, that we can excite
No other could be me because I shoot the G right
Frid up some ??? with the collard green special
It's my crib, I'm Fred and you're Ethel
Massage your head up with a temple rub
While we cool and make love to a ???? dub
It's deeper than the tangible I want in
Can't you see it in my eyes, it's yours, it's no surprise
So we takin you back yo
And we illin on the track yo
On the dance floor never ever lie
Here we go one more time uh

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Album: A Transylvanian Funeral (2009) Lyrics
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