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Western Decay

by Atargatis. Buy album CD: Wasteland

All you've realised that the time is running out! (x4)
If you testify than throw your first up! (x3)
Throw you fist up! throw your fist up! (x3)

The revolution and i... the revolution and i...
The revolution and i

There is no use in the western decay!
For me and you! no delay!
This is what I say in return of the restrictions...
Another retribution : we ain't forgiving!
We set the countdown... now! we ain't going back!
A friction of no return - the final trap!
It's the only way out!

You say the revolution is controlled by man!
I say to you youngsters today
Revolution never have and never will be controlled by man
Revolution always have and always will be controlled by nature
You wouldn't understand the revolution!

The year 2000 but what have we got?
I am in position to the sun. the heat too strong to feel...
It's the final incursion of an alienated generation
I'll give you a last proposal...

Incite the fight! we ain't slow down!
Psychological warfare pulverising my mind!
But I pull ahead - push ahead the masterplan!
Digital hardcore - they call it an un-sound
We call it : murder!

Revolution is nothing more than an extension of evolution

The revolution and i... the revolution and i...
Back to back and we ain't forgiving! back to back and we ain't forgiving!
The revolution and i! atari teeange riot!
Come on!
Stop the roll-back! back to back and we ain't forgiving!
Stop the roll-back! stop the roll-back!
Stop the roll-back! the revolution and i!
Stop the roll-back! reverse the process now!

Reverse the process now! (x3)
Stop the roll-back! now!
Stop the roll-back!
The revolution and i! (x3) stop!
Stop the roll-back!
If that's all you realise!
If all that you do! if that's all you realise!
If that's all you can realise! if that's all you do!
If that's all you realise! if that's all you do!
If that's all you realise!
Stop the roll-back!
If that's all you realise! if that's all you do!

The revolution and i!
We'll never stop... we'll keep on pushing
We'll never stop. never stop!
We'll never stop! we'll never stop!
Never stop! don't stop! don't stop!
The revolution and i
Stop the roll-back! (x6)
Reverse the process! reverse the process!
Reverse the process now! now!
Never stop! never stop! keep on pushing...
And the time is running out...
It's about the time
The revolution and i... will take over your fucking life
We're gonna take over... your fucking life

Stop! never stop!

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Album: Wasteland (2006) Lyrics
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