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Burn Down The Wheel Lyrics

Burn Down The Wheel by Astral Doors  

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Burn Down The Wheel A cold winter night, the moon gave us light
No, no, no, no, no
Salves to desire, no fear in our eyes
Something tells me, no

Gave away our souls to the maker
Made a deal with the taker
To be or not to be
Burn down the wheel, burn down the wheel
Like a star in the night made of steel
Burn down the wheel, burn down the wheel
I go higher, with no wire, Is this for real?
Burning down the wheel

The game of the chase, get down with the race
Down, down, down, down, down
This madness of power, to rule and devour
Down, it'll drag you down

We're slave out of speed, made of fire
Were born on the road, and we'll die there
I'm free, we all are free


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