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Pipe Dreams Lyrics

Pipe Dreams by Aspen It Is  

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Pipe Dreams We grew up on nintendo, fraggle rock, and g.i. joe. now i’ve got the key to the castle to save the world. the nightingale will court your sleep tonight into dreams i’m hiding inside. i am your shining star. and we ride on the sky leaving trails for you to find. onto my wings you’ll hold tight. it’s a fantastic sight. hold back. i can save you.. i’m coming. it would feel so good to be back home. it would feel so good to break thin air. blow the whistle, send me sailing back so i can tear into a new jersey night sky. oh we are so alive, not falling from a star a galaxy away. it’s not too late to find everything fallen behind. it’s all up to heroic feats, as the whole wide world is watching. listen close.. and you’ll see how they’re calling us to here. “someone’s got to do something.. please do something.” we can’t wait

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music