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by Arsis. Buy album CD: We Are The Nightmare

[Verse One: Jise One]
Looking, looking nervous
Their whole purpose to criticize us
Indicate us on music, this world's a circus
Where murderous written language is rap
Initiation to courtrooms exhibit our DATs
Cuffing our wrist back, slapped with prosecutions
Guilty! {*knock knock knock*}
Embetted into the minds of kids, women and ticking
Time bombs, warned to bite my tongue
BLEEP that! Ain't this America?
Where it's cool to shake your BLEEP and show
Prostitutes on camera?
The moment I wanna speak on what I'm seeing
Causing violence, sirens approach my crib
Pig soldiers creepin in silence
With science that I'm a rapper!
Minus the glitter that host the glamour to suck
Moist BLEEP on manifacturers
Then they say we rap too much!
Freedom of speech told me to speak as I please
(BLEEP y'all)
You ever heard of such?
Censorship should tied up, thrown in the trunk
Get spread across the desert, get cut in bitty chunks

[Chorus: Jise One]
BLEEP this you BLEEP BLEEP, come at me!
We free to say a lot of BLEEP
Then it's used against me!
Your word against mine, and mine about two breaths away
From havin your BLEEP suck my BLEEP live on stage!
BLEEP this, BLEEP that! (BLEEP this across the map)
BLEEP that, BLEEP this! (Self-righteous BLEEPs, we live this)
Your word against mine, and mine about two breaths away
From havin your BLEEP suck my BLEEP live on stage!

[Verse Two: Jise One]
Hip-hop ain't kill your boy and
Rap ain't rape your daughter
And this music ain't bring that BLEEP that sniff
Across the border
We in a world where everyone just walkin with
Giant fingers
Pointing in all directions where we haven't
Invented mirrors
Guns as common as light fixtures
TV is pretty pictures that show reality
So what we live is always tintered
I swore on my little bro that's locked down
At sixteen that I won't water down my BLEEP
BLEEP rap, I'm here to blow steam
Whoa! Look at 'em now! Cryin to the extreme
'cause BLEEP shot up the prom
So they blaming it on the music scene and
The teens don't give a BLEEP 'cause they parents
Don't understand
BLEEP music get in they hands,
Started wildin and speakin slang
Letting they pants hang off they BLEEP
Smokin BLEEP and playa hatin
Relatin to BLEEP and BLEEP so they request it
At the station
Now the whole nation is watching with reddenbacher
And hot pockets
Swanson TV dinners, few drinks and false assumptions!


(BLEEP this across the map)
(Self-righteous BLEEPs, we live this)

Baby tone: "Shut the fuck up!"

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