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Where's My Sleeve? Lyrics

Where's My Sleeve? by Arrogant Sons Of Bitches  

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Where's My Sleeve? Where did my sleeve go? I lost it an hour ago.
My trumpet player's name is Steve. Where the fuck's my fucking sleeve?
{I got no job cause I'm a bum, my friends think I'm so goddamn dumb.
I have a hat, I take it where I go, 'cause I'm so fuckin' emo!}
Where did my sleeve go? it's been there so long.
So now I had to write a stupid punk song.
Where my dogs at? I love her, how about that?
Our old drummer's name is Pat. John DeDom wears a dumb hat.
Girls make me act way too gay. I don't wanna go to work today.
By hearing this you seriously decreased your IQ.
First you want to love me, shit cause now you wanna go.
All I wanna know, baby, is where'd my sleeve go?
Where my dogs at?

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