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Fuck Censors

by A.O.N.. Buy album CD: Turbulence Within


Fuck you
I'll use dirty words if I want to
They spoken true
From a mind confined in solitude
Cut off from the world and spittin these rhymes to you
Censorship can suck my dick it does nothin but blind you
Look past all the blurry pictures and beeps and you will find truth
Point your eyes to the front and never look behind you

{Verse 1}

Censorship can suck my dick
It's nothin but a fuckin bitch
It puts beeps in place of lyrics
Just like a fuckin magic trick
When I hear that shit it makes me sick
It makes me want to throw a fit
If this shit keeps goin on
Then someone's gon get their throat slit
The censors are all pissed at me
Because they just can't censor me
Cause if they try that shit
The whole song will be a fuckin beep

[{Hook X2}]
You just can't censor my shit
Cause you are just a pussy bitch


{Verse 2}

Sound like I got fuckin terrets when I get up on the mic
I cuss more in one week than most do they entire life
You can look for the rest of ya life and never fuckin find
A mind that's so warped and so twised as the one that's here that's mine
My rhymes are so divine
And I keep my beats on time
I fuckin blow ya mind
Everytime I drop me a line

[{Hook X2}]


{Verse 3}

I'm lyrically incline
Miracally divine
Clinically insane
Because I'm losin my mind
Outta my mind
While I'm writing these rhymes
You may think that shit is crazy
But I do it all the time
Everytime I drop a line
I change my rhyme scheme
I got a everchanging style
That yall all have never seen

[{Hook X2}]

... laughter... fuck censors

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