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Bow To Me

by A.O.N.. Buy album CD: Turbulence Within


I'm back!
I'm back!
I'm back!


I can't believe there's still people hatin on me
See, I told you I'm the king, I thought it was said clearly
But I guess they'll have to see, the skill that I'm gonna bring
Soon you'll get down on your knees, just so you can bow to me

[(Verse 1)]
I'm in ya vicinity, spittin my rhymin ability
You gotta be shittin me, some people say they ain't feelin me
See I'm a scary entity, sent to be your worst enemy
Yall all run fearfully, cause you're scared and you fear of me
I'll never be, anything less than the best, you best believe
Especially, at constructing a dope flow successfully
Physically, you can all see my superiority
Mentally, your minds will all bleed from the scars my lyrics leave
See I'm a new breed of killer, I do it all instinctively
Unthinkingly, I just take a blade and make all yalls' livin cease
Rest in peace, go to sleep, never again to bother me
You're in hot water see, you should've never fucked with me


[(Verse 2)]

I'm drownin, surrounded, by all these fuckin hearts poundin
And they seem to be countin down, and makin my brain collapse
And snap back, until it motherfuckin wears me out
And there's no doubt, that my inner demon will tear out
From within me, and then you'll see me, actin sinfully
Killin everything I see, shit I'll even kill me
And you don't wanna be, anywhere near when this shit goes down
You might wanna leave the builin, no, you better leave town
Cause I'm bout to act a clown, cause I'll tear the buildin down,
I'll kill everything around, till nothings makin a sound
Now where's my crown? You know I deserve it, don't try to refuse it
Cause I'm a fuckin king and I believe I just fuckin proved it


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