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A Storm

by A.O.N.. Buy album CD: Turbulence Within

{Chorus [x2]}

Gave you my love
But you didn't want it at all
Told my dreams
You crushed em and said they were small
Showed you my skill
You said that you hated it all
My anger's released
I hope that you wanted it all

(Verse 1)

Alotta people hate me
Discriminate me
And make me
And pissed off
I gotta get this off
My chest
It's for the best
To regress
The mess
So I guess
I start it right here
While there's time left
Why do you people wanna make me hate me?
Talk trash about me
And then imitate me?
It's making
Me real mad
And angry
Don't none of yall know me
So how can you change me?

{Chorus [x2]}

(Verse 2)
You tell me all the time that I need to quit cussing
You must be
Wishin you was me
But if you could glance
Into the back of my pants
In the pocket
You'll see the picture
Of HER in my wallet
She's my kriptonite
The only meaning to life
For me
Can't you see
That I'm wounded on the inside?
And that's why
You don't wanna be this guy
That I am
With more issues than Time Life

{Chorus [x2]}

(Verse 3)

You all probly think I do this to get attention
Not mention
All all the fans and recognition
But it's my mission
To keep you all from missin
The point to my words
So before you're dissin just listen
My life's messed up
There's no changin that
I wanna give up
But I'm not havin that
I power throught the hurt
If I can manage that
I'm thinkin of her
Everytime that I rap

{Chorus [x2]}

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