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Our Time Lyrics

Our Time by Ansottica  

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Our Time For too long we stood in pain
Haven't seen the light of day
Feel the rising in between
Our circle of pride

No more secret lullabies
No more whispers in disguise
A new fate is born within
Our precious minds

We will find a way through...
Once there will be a time
The day we return to light
And fighting is over
Water turns to wine
We step behind the line
At the end of the darkest night
This is our time

Filled with passion filled with love
Blessed with goodwill from above
It's the dawn of a new dream
Feel it rise
In our blood and in our veins
We escape the golden cage
Break the chains around our hearts
A fateful turn

We have found a way through...

Tempus Fugit
Memento Vivere
Still we need to learn
To seize the day
Our fate has turned
Darkness away

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