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Heaven Burns Lyrics

Heaven Burns by Ansottica  

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Heaven Burns My perfect heaven turns to grey
Storm is rising through the dark of night
I shiver deep inside
As the memory fade away
I reach into the light
Waiting for the end of night

Heaven is burning without you
(It's burning me inside)
I'm falling down
The world is not turning
Without you
(It's breakin' me inside)
My heaven burns
Will this ever be the same
I hear the emptiness
Call my name
My memory betrayed
Will I ever break the chains
I reach into the light
Longing for the end of night

Silence starts to whisper
That sad lullaby
Of you and I
I'm driftin' into darkness
When I close my eyes
I start to cry

Fading illusions
Lost in the
Dark of the night

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