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Angel by your side Lyrics

Angel by your side by Anjani  

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Angel by your side Wherever you go, whatever you do
There's gonna be sometimes you wonder
How you'll make it through
If you could know you're not alone
I never left you behind
Now I'm the angel by your side

Who could've known, who could've seen
You'd never get the chance to say goodbye to me
But I know you cared and gave me your heart
Now when you're crying in the night
Reach for the angel by your side

You'll hear me whisper in the wind
Everything will be alright again
And you'll see me in the ever-changing tide
When the sun shines through your window
I'm gonna be there in the light

Trying to be strong for everyone else
When all you wanna do is give up on yourself
Close your eyes, I'll hear your prayer
You can still reach me with your mind
Love goes beyond all space and time

You'll hear me whisper in the wind...

I know the tears you cry the pain you have inside
If you would only look
You'd see the angel by your side

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music