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The Panama Canal Lyrics

The Panama Canal by Animaniacs  

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The Panama Canal Got a trap-steamer, my ship's called Hal
Forty miles on the Panama Can*l
Got a cargo of sodas, they are lo-cal
Forty miles on the Panama Can*l

Sailing 'cross the Carribean Sea
Do the Pacific in a jiffy
Puru, Panama but not on land
I'd look silly with my ship in the sand

Yo Hal, try that can*l
Yo Hal, the can*l is your pal

You can sail a cargo ship
From sea to shining sea
Through the Panama Can*l
for a nominal fee

You enter a lock, it's a ship coral
Forty miles on the Panama Can*l
You pay your money, then get a decal
Forty miles on the Panama Can*l

You cross the locks, they number three
Full of water for you and me
100 feet wide, 41 feet deep
Water enough to drench a sheep

High lock, up goes the ship
Low lock, the ship takes a dip
First they raise the water level
Then lower it again
'Cross the Panama Can*l
It's really Zen

We pass the locks, with good moral
Forty miles on the Panama Can*l
The crew yells out, 'Thank you, Hal'
Forty Miles on the Panama Can*l

You're welcome, men
Wasn't that fun
Forty miles, our voyage is done
For I'm full on now past Balboa
Adios Panama, so long - aloha

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