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I Need You Lyrics

I Need You by Amal Michel  

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I Need You I need you, I
Can't live without you
I can't live without your
Love and warm embrace
I need you
I can't live without you baby
I need you right here right here in my life (right here, here in my life)
It kills me not 2 have you here with me (here with me).
That's why I love you
Oh yeah, yeah baby oh yes I do
So baby wont you say
You feel the same way
As I do baby about you
Wont you say I need you (I need you) too.

Every time when I'm
At home and I start
2 think about you
I open up my love heart
Locket you gave 2 me
Every time I begin 2 Cry.

And I look at you
I carry a part of you with me
Everywhere I go never letting go
I hold you so close 2 my heart
You're the key 2 my heart
It's so true I can't let you go
It's so true I can't live my life without you
It's so true when I say I need you 2.

Chorus-2 (repeat)

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