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Chainsaw Ass Massacre Lyrics

Chainsaw Ass Massacre by Amagortis  

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Chainsaw Ass Massacre I'm alone in my room
I see shadows on the wall
Deadly fantasies in my head
I must go out of this life

Ripped off with a chainsaw, bones split out of the flesh
Ripped off with a chainsaw, you are fucked from behind
Ripped off with a chainsaw
I shove the saw blade up your ass, intestines are on my body
Breastfeed my lust, I love the sight
Of your fresh meat beside your bones

I take my throbbing dick in my hand
And masturbate on your sawed-up ass
My filthy instinct is your death
The next one hanging weeping on the wall

No body survives in this cellar
Clipped parts lie on the blood-red floor
Splinter from bones stitch on my saw
Bloodshed of gore, an incredible stench

I'm the master of the ass disaster

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