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Cracks and daggers Lyrics

Cracks and daggers by Alice Peacock  

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Cracks and daggers It's six in the morning the sun's in the sky
I'm wired on coffee and dreams that won't die
If the face in the mirror is supposed to be me
Then why don't I recognize the girl that I see?

Oh isn't it strange
Isn't it funny
Life has a path
It's not always sunny
But stormy and windy
And full of cracks and daggers
And my love for you
Is all that matters

I once had a wish that I'd be the prom queen
You know I couldn't be anything just in between
And the pictures I'm seeing behind these closed eyes
Are all that I'm needing and all I despise so

Time has a way of taking apart
All of the memories you hide in your heart
The future is all that you are

If I had the big world to hold in my hand
I wonder if maybe then I'd understand
How I could have such a space to be filled
When there's diamonds and daffodils and castles to build

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