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Caught by the moon Lyrics

Caught by the moon by Alice In Wonderland  

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Caught by the moon In the room of silent dreams
I´ve lost the light of life
'Now cold darkness embraces me
I´m blinded by my pain

Awoke in empty halls
While shadows where dancing on the walls
I try to grip the morning light
But there´s just the silver gleam of a freezy night

A strange call pours into my head
Whispering through the darkness of my soul
Speaking softly and clear
Coming from a neverseen place

I have to leave this empty hall
I have to follow my inner call
The walls close in it´s cold inside
No doors, no windows no single light

Hiding behind raving tears
The voice spoke to me again and took away my fear:

"This night will be black
So wait for the moonrise
It will be the key for your escape
But you will always be caught in his silver light."

I have to leave this empty hall…

On and on colours die
On and on the nightwind cries
On and on in a starfilled sea
A silver tear will shine on me

I have to leave this empty hall…

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