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Alan Parsons Project Lyrics

Alan Parsons Project List of Lyrics

Album: The Time Machine (1999) Lyrics
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Album: Freudiana (1990) Lyrics
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Album: Gaudi (1987) Lyrics
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Album: Stereotomy (1985) Lyrics
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  1. Chinese whispers (instrumental)
  2. Urbania (instrumental)
  3. Where's the walrus (instrumental)
  4. Stereotomy
  5. Beaujolais
  6. Urbania
  7. Limelight
  8. The real world
  9. Where's the walrus
  10. Light of the world
  11. Chinese whispers
  12. Stereotomy two
Album: Vulture Culture (1985) Lyrics
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Album: Ammonia Avenue (1984) Lyrics
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Album: Eye In The Sky (1982) Lyrics
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Album: The Turn Of A Friendly Card (1980) Lyrics
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Album: Eve (1979) Lyrics
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Album: Pyramid (1978) Lyrics
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  1. Hyper-gamma-spaces (instrumental)
  2. In the lap of the gods (instrumental)
  3. Voyager (instrumental)
  4. Voyager
  5. What goes up...
  6. The eagle will rise again
  7. One more river
  8. Can't take it with you
  9. In the lap of the gods
  10. Pyramania
  11. Hyper-gamma-spaces
  12. Shadow of a lonely man
Album: I Robot (1977) Lyrics
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  1. Genesis ch. 1 v. 32 (instrumental)
  2. I robot (instrumental)
  3. I wouldn't wanna be like you
  4. Nucleus (instrumental)
  5. Total eclipse (instrumental)
  6. I robot
  7. I wouldn't want to be like you
  8. Some Other Time
  9. Breakdown
  10. Don´T Let It Show
  11. The voice
  12. Nucleus
  13. Day after day
  14. Total eclipse
  15. Genesis ch. 1 v. 32
Album: Tales Of Mystery And Imagination (1975) Lyrics
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  1. The fall of the house of usher -- i - prelude
  2. The fall of the house of usher -- ii - arrival
  3. The fall of the house of usher -- iii - intermezzo
  4. The fall of the house of usher -- iv - pavine
  5. The fall of the house of usher -- v - fall
  6. To one in paradise
  7. The Tell-Tale Heart
  8. A dream within a dream
  9. The raven
  10. The tell - tale heart
  11. The cask of amontillado
  12. (the system of) doctor tarr and professor fether
  13. The fall of the house of usher
  14. To one paradise
Album: On Air Lyrics
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Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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Album: Try Anything Once Lyrics
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