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Album: Le Voyage Dans La Lune (2012) Lyrics
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  1. Astronomic Club
  2. Cosmic Trip
  3. Decollage
  4. Homme Lune
  5. Lava
  6. Moon Fever
  7. Parade
  8. Retour Sur Terre
  9. Seven Stars
  10. Sonic Armada
  11. Who Am I Know?
Album: Love 2 (2009) Lyrics
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  1. Do The Joy
  2. Love
  3. So Light Is Her Footfall
  4. Be A Bee
  5. Missing The Light Of The Day
  6. Tropical Disease
  7. Heaven's Light
  8. Night Hunter
  9. Sing Sang Sung
  10. Eat My Beat
  11. You Can Tell It To Everybody
  12. African Velvet
Album: Pocket Symphony (2007) Lyrics
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  1. Space maker
  2. Once upon a time
  3. One hell of a party
  4. Napalm love
  5. Mayfair song
  6. Left bank
  7. Photograph
  8. Mer du japon
  9. Lost message
  10. Somewhere between waking and sleeping
  11. Somewhere Between Waring And Sleeping
  12. Redhead girl
  13. Night sight
Album: Talkie Walkie (2004) Lyrics
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Album: City Reading: Tre Storie Western (With Alessandro Baricco) (2003) Lyrics
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Album: Everybody Hertz (2002) Lyrics
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Album: 10000 Hz. Legend (2001) Lyrics
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Album: The Virgin Suicides (2000) Lyrics
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Album: Premiers Symptomes (1999) Lyrics
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  1. Modular Mix
  2. Casanova 70
  3. Les Professionnels
  4. J'ai Dormi Sous L'Eau
  5. Le Soleil Est Près De Moi
  6. Californie
  7. Gordini Mix (Brakes On Mix)
Album: Premiers Symptomes (Instrumental) (1999) Lyrics
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  1. Modular mix
  2. Casanova 70
  3. Les professionnels
  4. J'ai dormi sous l'eau
  5. Le soleil est près de moi
  6. Californie
  7. Gordini mix (brakes on mix)
Album: Moon Safari (1998) Lyrics
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Album: Premier SymptôMes (1997) Lyrics
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Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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