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Be With

by A.G.. Buy album CD: The Dirty Version

[Chorus: x2]
You don't know who you wanna be with
And you don't know who you wanna creep with
And you don't know who you wanna sleep with
Girl you best to get up on this G.D. shit

Aiyyo shorty I ain't feelin you, but then I'm feelin you
Even though I'm still wit'chu, yo what the deal wit'chu
When I wanna chill wit'chu, I wanna build wit'chu
But I ain't tryin to share these mills wit'chu
I got hoes that's as ill as you, what'chu expect?
And I'm just tryin to keep it - real wit'chu
See you the same bitch that fucked the whole hood
While I'm in the studio, up to no good
Fuckin with them rappers that ain't even go wood
In and out of niggaz whips, thinkin 'bout a niggaz chips
I'm frontin bummy, bitches wantin money
Get nuttin from me, got hoes frontin from me
And ain't too many chicks get chips from A.G.
Cause when I fuck you then you gon' pay me
And you don't know who you wanna be with
You don't wanna see me live, so you wanted me hit, c'mon

The Dirty Don is the dirt that'll rock the party
Mr. Mudd will rock the party
A.G. is the dirt that'll rock the party
(My brother Show) G.D. we rock the party

[Mr. Mudd]
Yo see me Benzed out, Hummers too
Flip skins, switch friends, hit cousins too
Split ends with a brother too, and it's bugged that you
Feel me more when I don't show love to you
Get the 'dro, and show her what the drug could do
Plug my crew, now they get love from you
I can't believe I used to have a crush on you
Never thought you'd be lettin niggaz bust on you
Now we smackin and tossin, comin through flossin
Runnin through caution, fuckin you often
I zone to Pluto and you don't
She throwin niggaz the pussy, watch me catch it, who won't
Run trizzy 'til I get dizzy
Make chickies lift they titties cause they wit Willie
They get silly when I hit 'em with the dick illy
I rep really when I'm wet then I step to the next city


It's G.D. baby - who you wanna sleep with
G.D. baby - who you wanna creep with
G.D. baby - ha ha
You best to get up on this G.D. shit
G.D. baby
A.G. baby (1999)
(It's called A.G. "The Dirty Version," word up)
(G.D., Party Arty, D-Flow, Hehdcrack)
{?} Cartel
(Get dirty baby)

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Album: The Dirty Version (2001) Lyrics
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