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All Eye Seeing (Diamond Burgos) Lyrics

All Eye Seeing (Diamond Burgos) by A.G.  

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All Eye Seeing (Diamond Burgos) Seen it all

See you, my nigga

I seen it all

I see you, my nigga

I seen God, I seen bitches get hard
Old ladies get robbed, I seen Master Farrahd
I seen niggas' wifeys fly with ball players
See my room - in different wallabees in all flavors
I even seen my dreams come through
I seen coke on triple beams and fiends come through
I seen big willies in every city
Seen 13 year olds split phillies
And spit nine millies, I seen a million
I seen niggas jack beats and make a killin
Niggas keep it real and still flop
I seen niggas' moms keep it real and buy krills on the block
This shit is real on the block
I seen Dapper Dan every week in '88
Trigger on the V-I, just the other day
One love, my nigga, seen L pass away
Now I want the cash today
Don't stash, just pass to Dre

[A.G.:] (All I see is blinkin lights
Trackboards and fat mics)

[Nas:] (I seen some cold nights and bloody days)

[B.I.G.:] (I seen the light, excite all the freaks)
I seen pussy niggas bust they gun
I seen the thoroughest niggas run
I seen my unborn son
I seen the brokest nigga get rich
Ghetto dimes catch the monster and shook niggas snitch
I seen niggas blow and forget where they came from
(I'm the same one)
That seen two die from the same gun
I seen my nigga lace this track from scratch
Buckwild, this shit is fat, where ya at?
I seen my friends turn to enemies
I seen peeps turn to memories
I even seen who shot Kennedy
I seen model chicks, they ate dicks
I seen the matrix
I seen the feds take flicks
I seen innocent niggas shot in they head
They rocked em in bed
I seen N.O. niggas rockin the feds
I seen how you the man, they be stalkin you
And I even seen that fat bitch you was talkin to

[A.G.:] (All I see is blinkin lights
Trackboards and fat mics)

[Nas:] (I seen some cold nights and bloody days)

[B.I.G.:] (I seen the light, excite all the freaks)

I had a dream, I seen my girl on her knees
I seen myself cock the Desert Eeas'
(And ready to squeeze) I seen dead dopefiends
With needles in they arm
I seen your mom at her prom, she was the bomb
I seen big Porter get robbed out
No doubt, I seen my pops get puffed out
Ice and get duffed out
Another issue I gotta touch on
I even seen the President blow trees and get his fuck on
I seen niggas married and divorced
Pregnant chicks carried and flossed
Jesus carried a cross
I seen the statue carry the torch
On some sixth grade shit
I seen brains on the pavement
I seen foul niggas turn flagrant
I seen wild niggas turn agin
What a bitch
I seen buster bitches pimp pimps
And dimes fuck for free
None of y'all get a dime (if it's up to me)
Just like a chickenhead (wanna go and suck your teeth)
Just like Aretha (wanna come and fuck with me)
(Never) I seen jail, I seen bail
And I ain't goin back, so they can keep bail
Time to bounce with this female

Seen it all

I see you, my nigga

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