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Aesma Daeva Lyrics

Aesma Daeva List of Lyrics

Album: The Thalassa Mixes - (2008) Lyrics
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  1. Tisza's Child - The Sunken Cathedral Mix
  2. The Loon - Swamp Mix
  3. The Loon - Thalassa
  4. The Garden I Long For
Album: Dawn Of The New Athens (2007) Lyrics
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  1. Tisza's Child
  2. The Bluish Shade
  3. Artemis
  4. Hymn To The Sun
  5. D'Oreste
  6. The Camp Of Souls
  7. Ancient Verses
  8. Since The Machine
  9. The Loon
Album: Ex Libris - (2005) Lyrics
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  1. Lost Melody
  2. Artemis
  3. Aviva
  4. The Loon
  5. White Chorus
  6. Introit II-reMind
  7. Teagen
  8. Disdain
  9. A Gathering of Shades
  10. Sirens
Album: The New Athens Ethos (2003) Lyrics
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  1. The Origin Of The Muse
  2. My Lost Melody
  3. The Sons Of Heaven
  4. Aviva I
  5. Atma
  6. Artemis
  7. A Gathering Of Shades
  8. Sirens
  9. I Have Sailed With Odysseus
  10. The Dawn Of New Athens
  11. The Garden I Long For
Album: The Eros Of Frigid Beauty (2002) Lyrics
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Album: Here Lies One Whose Name Was Written in Water (2000) Lyrics
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Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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