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It Got Dark Lyrics by Aeons Ov Frost


It Got Dark by Aeons Ov Frost

Silence was broken by whist ov the knife
Darkness is soaking flash ov her life
She's getting cold in tarnished light
I'm burying body under the veil ov night

Flying up the smoke ov her breath
Like a bird in the dark
Growing stronger inner stress
Breaking my heavy sigh

I shall capture U like a sea
Storming in a beautiful day
And I'll bite your lips goodbye
All your red would be sprayed
Shadows are moving
Shadows are moving on beautiful face
Shadows are living...

Drowning down into the full moon
Where all reflections are real
Damned by the stars I'll kill you soon
Mystery must be unsealed

Be gone among old autumn leaves
Black butterfly's kissing your skin
I rape white flesh with silver blade
To release woman's beauty and sin!

Mask on! Tonight I love - you die! It got dark!