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Creepin' on the mayor Lyrics by Adam Sandler


Creepin' on the mayor by Adam Sandler

Oh, sh*t, is that them crazy f**ks from across town? They
didn't see me, did they? f**k it, they headin this way! Damn!
Gotta be somewhere to hide around here! No bushes, no
trees, what the f**k!? I'll just hide my ass in this garbage can!
There we go, safe and sound... No motherf**ker's gonna find
me here! sh*t, I'll just wash my clothes later!
Where'd you run to, you candy ass motherf**ker?
You can hide all you want, but when we find you we still gonna
f**k you up! See you tomorrow, b**ch!
No you won't, cause I'm gonna stay in my basement all day...
I sure fooled them stupid f**ks, hehehe...
I'll be right there honey! Just let me throw these dirty diapers out!
Okay, baby
Man, they stink! That baby couldn't stop sh*ttin today!
I know, baby
I don't care, baby sh*t don't mean nothin cause I'm safe and
sound! sh*t, no one can f**k with me in this tin can! I'm a
motherf**kin untouchable! Yeah, yeah!

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