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CD Album  Coronary Reconstruction- (2009)
CD Album  Strychnine.213 (2008)
CD Album  The Archaic Abattoir (2005)
CD Album  Deceased In The East/extirpated Live Emanations - Split (2003)
CD Album  Goremageddon (2003)
CD Album  Goremageddon-The Saw And The Carnage Done (2003)
CD Album  Engineering The Dead (2001)
CD Album  Aborted / Christ Denied - Split (2000)
CD Album  The Purity Of Perversion (1999)
CD Album  The Necrotorous Chronicles - (1998)
CD Album  Global Flatline
CD Album  Goremageddon - The Saw And The Carnage Done
CD Album  Other Songs E - E
Album: Coronary Reconstruction- (2009) Lyrics
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  1. Coronary Reconstruction
  2. From A Tepid Whiff
  3. Grime
  4. A Cadaverous Dissertation
  5. Left Hand Path
Album: Strychnine.213 (2008) Lyrics
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  1. 135
  2. A Murmur In Decrepit Wits
  3. Avarice Of Vilification
  4. Enterrement Of An Idol
  5. Hereditary Bane
  6. Ophiolatry On A Hemocite Platter
  7. Pestiferous Subterfuge
  8. The Chyme Congeries
  9. The Obfuscate
  10. The Chondrin Enigma
  11. A Methodical Overture
  12. Avenious
  13. The Spaying Séance
  14. ...And Carnage Basked In It's Own Ebullience
  15. The Foul Nucleus Of Resurrection
  16. Archetype: Malice & Scorn
  17. Ingenuity In Genocide
  18. An Odious Emanation
  19. Prolific Murder Contrivance
  20. Underneath Rorulent Soil
  21. Surprise! You're Dead
  22. Slaughtered
Album: The Archaic Abattoir (2005) Lyrics
cd Buy "The Archaic Abattoir" CD
  1. Dead Wreckoning
  2. Blood Fixing The Bled
  3. Gestated Rabidity
  4. Hecatomb
  5. The Gangrenous Epitaph
  6. The Inertia
  7. A Cold Logistic Slaughter
  8. Threading On Vermillion Deception
  9. Voracious Haemoglobinic Syndrome
  10. Descend To Extirpation
Album: Deceased In The East/extirpated Live Emanations - Split (2003) Lyrics
cd Buy "Deceased In The East/extirpated Live Emanations - Split" CD
  1. Vacant Grave
  2. Limb From Limb
  3. Forged In Fire (Formed in Flame)
  4. Eructations Of Carnal Artistry
  5. Necro Eroticism
  6. To Roast & Grind
Album: Goremageddon (2003) Lyrics
cd Buy "Goremageddon" CD
  1. Charted Carnal Effigy
  2. Clinical Colostomy
  3. Medical Deviance
  4. Meticulous Invagination
  5. Nemesis
  6. Parasitic Flesh Resection
  7. Sanguine Verses (...Of Extirpation)
  8. Sea Of Cartilage
Album: Goremageddon-The Saw And The Carnage Done (2003) Lyrics
cd Buy "Goremageddon-The Saw And The Carnage Done" CD
  1. Meticulous invagination
  2. Parasitic flesh resection
  3. The saw & the carnage done
  4. Ornaments of derision
  5. Sanguine verses (...of extirpation)
  6. Charted carnal effigy
  7. Clinical colostomy
  8. Medical deviance
  9. Sea of cartilage
  10. Nemesis
  11. Carnal Forge
Album: Engineering The Dead (2001) Lyrics
cd Buy "Engineering The Dead" CD
  1. The holocaust incarnate
  2. Nailed through her cunt
  3. To roast & grind
  4. Engineering the dead
  5. Eructations of carnal artistry
  6. Sphinctral enthrallment
  7. Skullfuck crescendo
  8. Exhuming the infested (necro-eroticism part 2)
Album: Aborted / Christ Denied - Split (2000) Lyrics
cd Buy "Aborted / Christ Denied - Split" CD
  1. Eructations Of Carnal Artistry
  2. Sea Of Cartilage
  3. Symposium Of Semiology
  4. Better Impaled Than Crucified
  5. Castration In The Name Of God
  6. The Uncreation (Pyrexia Cover)
Album: The Purity Of Perversion (1999) Lyrics
cd Buy "The Purity Of Perversion" CD
  1. Intro
  2. Act Of Supremacy
  3. The Lament Configuration
  4. The Sanctification Of Fornication
  5. Organic Puzzle
  6. Necro-Eroticism
  7. Highway I-35
  8. Gurgling Rotten Feces
  9. Wrenched Carnal Ornaments
Album: The Necrotorous Chronicles - (1998) Lyrics
cd Buy "The Necrotorous Chronicles -" CD
  1. Organic Puzzle
  2. The Lament Configuration
  3. Highway 1-35
  4. Gurgling Rotten Feces
Album: Global Flatline Lyrics
cd Buy "Global Flatline" CD
  1. Endstille
  2. Expurgation Euphoria
  3. Fecal Forgery
  4. Global Flatline
  5. Of Scabs & Boils
  6. Omega Mortis
  7. Our Father, Who Art Of Feces
  8. The Kallinger Theory
  9. The Origin Of Disease
  10. Vermicular, Obscene, Obese

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