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Through my own eyes (with kayla) Lyrics by Aaron Carter


Through my own eyes (with kayla) by Aaron Carter

Give me a world that's equal on all sides
Let freedom flow as constant as the tides
I pray with each sunset, don't forget to rise
(Don't forget to rise)
I live without regret
For ordinary lives
I'm lookin' at life through my own eyes
Searchin' for a hero to idolize
Feeling the pain as innocence dies
Looking at life through my own eyes
I'm hoping and praying for a brighter day
I listen to my heart and I obey
How can I see it any other way?
I'm looking at life (looking at life)
Through my own eyes
I see a land with liberty for all
Yet still I know the truth will rise and fall
(Oooh yeah-yeh) That's just the way it goes
A word now to the wise
The world was made to change
Each day is a surprise
And I know when you're looking for the truth
If you go and read between the lines
You'll discover how and why
[Aaron] (rap)
I take my heart into battle
Give that freedom bell a rattle
Get my independence signed
Declare it on the dotted line
In Philadelphia freedom ring
And patriotic voices sing
Red White & Blue never give up
We represent America