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Flav-a-flav Lyrics by 8 Over Par


Flav-a-flav by 8 Over Par

when I was a kid
I thought about just how
fortunate I was
to have you in my arms
but ever since you went away
I thought just how
I'd make you stay
to hold you in my arms

what else do I have to say..........
to make everything be okay.......

before you left
you said you always call
never lose touch
but that wasn't true
and then one day
out of the blue you
called me up to me just how
you wished we never broke up
but she was mine, lookin so fine
until that day I crossed the line
when she got up, walked out the door
I knew I'd never see her anymore
If I can't have you back
it would be so wack
I'd throw you in the back of my cadillac
in fact, you'd give me a heart attack
I can't stand this, I can't stand that
I'm sick and tired of being sick and sad
thinking about the things that we had
If I could have you this wouldn't be so bad
Oh my god I want you back!!