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Ur Moms My Bitches Girl Lyrics

Ur Moms My Bitches Girl by 8 Mile  

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Ur Moms My Bitches Girl u cant toch wut u cant see
u better be in tree before u see me
next time u here u better be ready before
ur sh*t gets heavy wuts ur reall name
man i bet its betty
u stupid fag u wannaa be a lady
cus u definitly aint no f**k shady
im cherry and im be blacker dan most blacks
even do im whiter dan most dikes
u pass me the mic and ill shouw u where the level a skills like
checkin to see if u can speak
then u slip in and have to peak
at me win im p**sin
u better listen
if u peak when i leak
u better invest in somethin to protect u rhead and chest
yo im outta here
so u better be ready if u want me to hear

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