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Mean Green Season Lyrics

Mean Green Season by 77s  

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Mean Green Season I walked out
I didn't want it anymore
I already had one foot out the door
I was into moving
They were on the slower road
It came down
About as plain as day to see
The road signs i could recognize
Pointed right to me
I was into something
Daddy never really had
Made so many people
Feel so badS
It was a
Mean green season
When you're on top
You've got to show no mercy
Make sure you
And everybody wants
A piece of the one
Who gets it done
I held out
About as far as i could run
Tried to keep my pole position
But i was into playing
A little long in the sun
I fell back
Till everything i had was gone
I really thought i had it going on
But now i'm on the outside
With no one left to call
At all
Who'd swear how nobody
Ever wanna

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