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More than friends (a girl can mack) Lyrics

More than friends (a girl can mack) by 3LW  

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More than friends (a girl can mack) Now that I think about it yeah its time
See I’ve been wondering if you and I
Would finally address what we’re feeling inside
I’ve been fighting it off
(I’ve been fighting)
But every time that I’m around you
I think I’m falling in love
Even though I know I’m not allowed to

I can’t help myself
You don’t have to tell me
That you’re in love with me
Baby I just want to know if we
Could ever be
Ever be more than friends

See, every time I hold you
I don’t know what I would do without you
I just hold you like I do
Baby its time to find
That I’mma lose my mind
I feel this way inside me
Cause baby ain’t you curious to experience
What it is to be with me
You don’t know how
I’ve wanted to be with you
Ever since the day I’ve found you
(Day I found you)
I’m crazy for you
(I’m crazy for you)
Boy, you’ve got to know


You’ve got to realise
I feel this way inside
Never had a friend
I’ve needed in my life
So now I’m telling you
So you will know the truth
I got lost in your eyes
The first time I saw you
No matter what you say

No matter what you do
I’m gonna be right here
Wanting to be with you
You know I’m dying
If I can’t have you by my side


Friends, friends
Can we be more than friends?
Now baby tell me what’s the deal

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