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Forever Dead Lyrics

Forever Dead by 2 Pistols  

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Forever Dead Cut off from my life
Death opens wide his arms
The last curtain is fallen
Soon to be forgotten

Gone is my life
I´m caught forever more
I am deceased
Cry about my broken dreams

I fade to grey
Into the void
All is black
Forever dead

I open wide my eyes to see
My body lies deep in the soil
The flesh is rotting off my bones
Bones broke in parts now turn to dust

My life - is gone
Death caught me much to soon, I cry
My dreams stay unfulfilled
I raise my fist to god
Why did he this to me?
I´ll never be again
Left in the dark alone
To rot away

My soul rises in the air
Await to be reborn
I laugh to the sky
I start to dream again

Where is my life
When will I be again
Am I betrayed
I start to cry of fear


Dead, forever dead

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