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2 Pac Lyrics Hennessey (Red Spyda Remix)

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Hennessey (Red Spyda Remix)

by 2 Pac. Buy album CD: Loyal To The Game

Nigga fuck that gin & juice, I'm fuckin with Hennessey
Just pour me a glass of that dark shit
That's right

[2Pac] They wanna knows my role model, it's in a brown bottle
[S.B.] Ooooh, ba-ba, ba-ba-dahhhhh
[2Pac] Hennessey (Hennessey) hahaha, yeah
[2Pac] They wanna knows my role model, it's in a brown bottle
[S.B.] Ooooh, ba-ba, ba-ba-dahhhhh
[2Pac] Hennessey (Hennessey)

[Verse One: 2Pac]
Now I was born in the gutter facin life or death
I was a thug ever since my mama gave me breath
These motherfuckers wanna see me die, so who am I
To try to warn 'em, I buck and bomb 'em, them niggaz fry
Hey, remember me? Down that Hennessey
The nigga you don't wanna see, let me procede
My definition of some thug shit, y'all don't hear me
Now that it's poppin ain't no love bitch
I maintain in the game in the gutter's where I still kick it
I'm tryin to hustle up a meal ticket
I'm still wicked in my ways, a hustler 'til my dyin days
Ain't nuttin wrong with gettin paid, so nigga blaze
Cause we some motherfuckin fools
Walkin through the streets wearin jewels, breakin niggaz makin moves
Even the cops can't stop us, my enemies flip
When they see me drink a fifth of that Hennessey

[Chorus w/ minor variations]

[Verse Two: Edi Amin]
Up late nights (c'mon) under the city lights
The Henn got me feelin right, I'm tryin to keep from swervin
She's so fine and she love Henn too
After a couple of shots she said, "I could do what I wanna do"
(That's right) We ain't sippin champagne (nah) we off the Henn-Rock
Alcoholics back at the liquor sto' cause we can't stop (can't stop)
And won't stop (we won't stop) all night long
'til the break of dawn, gettin it on, Hennessey

[Sleepy Brown]
Ooooh, lady watchin (lady watchin) as I'm glidin by (glidin by)
And the place is jumpin.. that I can't deny (no, noo, no)
Ooh I can't wait to go in, throw my glass in the sky (glass in the sky)
For the people partyin, 'til the mornin light

[Chorus w/ minor variations]

[2Pac] Hahaha, y'all niggaz can't fuck with this ol' thug shit


[Sleepy Brown - over Chorus second half]
We keep on sippin, and sippin, and sippin

[S.B.] Keep on sippin, and sippin, and sippin, ba-ba, ba-ba-dahhhhh, Hennessey

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