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My Favorite Flavor Lyrics

My Favorite Flavor by 2 Bal 2 Neg  

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My Favorite Flavor You are so captivatingYou are the one I’m cravingGirl I got a sweet toothFrom being sweet on youAll day I’m going crazyThinking about you babyGot an appetiteOnly you can satisfy[01]Can’t wait till tonightTo turn down the lights¡®cause you got me on fireYou’re all that I desireI can’t resistYour strawberry lipsYou got me feeling naughtyYou got me craving for your body[chorus]You’re my favorite flavorCan’t wait to taste you laterGirl you taste so sweetSweet enough to eatYou’re my favorite flavorCan’t wait to taste you laterMy sugar coated treatBaby you’re so tasty to meBaby you got me openFor you love and I’m hopingWe can get it on rightOn and on all rightYeah you know how to please me¡®cause you’re so smooth and creamyGirl you fill my cupI can’t get enough[repeat 01[repeat chorus]Can’t wait no longer for your kissesCan’t wait to turn you onAin’t had my daily does of sugarNothing else will doAll I want is you[chorus]

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music