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Bad Day Lyrics

Bad Day by 13 To The Gallows  

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Bad Day Verse
Let me tell you 'bout my day
The things that nearly drove me insane
I'm wilted, withered, bruised, and to blame
But tonight I'm gonna put them to shame

Chorus 1
Sittin driver's seat, slammin' whiskey 'till it's time
To stumble through the door, bastard knew that she was mine
Away, I stray
Now I'm flyin' down the street, with busted up glass
Didn't leave a witness, gotta get away fast
Away... Bad day
I'm tryin' to wipe the blood out of my eyes
Sometimes I don't know why I even try
I will say this they fought one hell of a fight
I guess it's just too bad they had to die

Chorus 2
Sittin' driver's seat, laughing at their flashing lights
I could run forever, but the tanks gettin' dry
Away, I stray
Stalled side of the street, with the busted up glass
Cops are movin' in, they wanna but my ass
Away... Bad day

Chant (2X)
Get back, I won't settle down
The only way to heaven is a long road from hell
Get back, I won't put it down
The only way to heaven is a long road from hell

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