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Stoker Soundtrack CD. Stoker Soundtrack

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Stoker soundtrack lyrics

Movie, 2013
I'm Not Formed by Things That Are of Myself Alone

Mia Wasikowska 

Becomes The Color

Emily Wells 

Summer Wine

Nancy Sinatra And Lee Hazlewood 

Stride la Vampa (from Il Trovatore)

Viorica Cortez 

If I Ever Had a Heart (Instrumental)

Clint Mansell & Emily Wells 

We are Not Responsible for Who We Come To Be (Free) (Instrumental)

Clint Mansell 

The Hunter Becomes the Game (Instrumental)

Clint Mansell 

In Full Bloom (Instrumental)

Clint Mansell 

The Hunter Plays the Game (Instrumental)

Clint Mansell 

Crawford Institute (Family Secrets) (Instrumental)

Clint Mansell 

Duet (Instrumental)

Philip Glass 

Becoming... (Instrumental)

Clint Mansell 

A Family Affair (Instrumental)

Clint Mansell 

Blossoming... (Instrumental)

Clint Mansell 

The Hunter and the Game (Instrumental)

Clint Mansell 

A Whistling Tune From a Lonely Man (Instrumental)

Clint Mansell 

Uncle Charlie (Instrumental)

Clint Mansell 

Happy Birthday (A Death in the Family) (Instrumental)

Clint Mansell