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Smokin Aces Soundtrack CD. Smokin Aces Soundtrack

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Smokin Aces soundtrack lyrics

Movie, 2007
First Warning

The Prodigy 

Big White Cloud

John Cale 

Ace of Spades


Down on the Street

The Stooges 

Play Your Cards Right

Common feat. Bilal 

Under The Street Lamp

Joe Bataan 

I Gotcha' Back

GZA / Genius 

I Love You

The Bees 

Save Yourself

The Make Up 

Like Light to the Flies


Shell Shock (Instrumental)

Clint Mansell 

FBI (Instrumental)

Clint Mansell 

Morte Di Un Soldato (Instrumental)

Ennio Morricone 

Touch Me Again

Nilton Castro 

Segura O Sambura (Instrumental)

Nilton Castro 

Tresspassing (Instrumental)

Skull Snaps