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RoboCop Soundtrack Lyrics

Movie, 2014
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Song title Artist name
Mattox and Reporters (Instrumental) Mattox and Reporters Video add
First Day (Instrumental) First Day Video add
Title Card (Instrumental) Title Card Video add
Restaurant Shootout (Instrumental) Restaurant Shootout Video add
Omnicorp (Instrumental) Omnicorp Video add
Calling Home (Instrumental) Calling Home Video add
Made in China (Instrumental) Made in China Video add
Fixing RoboCop (Instrumental) Fixing RoboCop Video add
Uploading Data (Instrumental) Uploading Data Video add
Reputation on The Line (Instrumental) Reputation on The Line Video add
Explosion (Instrumental) Explosion Video add
RoboCop Presentation (Instrumental) RoboCop Presentation Video add
If I Had a Pulse (Instrumental) If I Had a Pulse Video add
Going After Jerry (Instrumental) Going After Jerry Video add
Vallon's Warehouse (Instrumental) Vallon's Warehouse Video add
Murphy's Case is Filed (Instrumental) Murphy's Case is Filed Video add
They're Going To Kill Him (Instrumental) They're Going To Kill Him Video add
Rooftop (Instrumental) Rooftop Video add
Mattox is Down (Instrumental) Mattox is Down Video add
Clara and David (Instrumental) Clara and David Video add
Sellars Lies (Instrumental) Sellars Lies Video add
Code Red (Instrumental) Code Red Video add
2.6 Billion (Instrumental) 2.6 Billion Video add
Iran Inspection (Instrumental) Iran Inspection Video add
Battling Robots (Instrumental) Battling Robots Video add
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