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Riot Acts Soundtrack CD. Riot Acts Soundtrack

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Riot Acts soundtrack lyrics

Movie, 2012
Tina Turner

Adhamh Roland 

Your Monster

The Shondes 

Forever Again

Lucas Silveira 


Coyote Grace 

Your Man (Live At the Stork Club)

Anderson Toone 

Stranger Danger

Tough Tough Skin 

Voodoo Engine

Basic Fix 



Come On Death

Venus De Mars 

I Tell Myself It's Me

Ryka Aoki 

Love Your Body

Jessica Xavier 

Devil in Disguise

Systyr Act 

Don't Think About Love

Lipstick Conspiracy 

At the End We Listen

Geo Wyeth 

Can't Say

Trannysaurus Sex 

Queer for You

The Degenerettes