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Pocahontas Soundtrack CD. Pocahontas Soundtrack

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Pocahontas soundtrack lyrics

Cartoon, 2001
The Virginia Company

Alan Menken 

Steady As The Beating Drum


Just Around the Riverbend


Listen With Your Heart (Part 1)


Mine, Mine Mine


Listen With Your Heart (Part 2)


Colors of the Wind

Vanessa Williams 

Savages (Part 1)


Savages (Part 2)


If i never knew you

Jon secada & shanice 

Colors of the Wind (End Title) (Instrumental)


Farewell (Instrumental)


Execution (Instrumental)


John Smith Sneaks Out (Instrumental)


The Warriors Arrive (Instrumental)


Picking Corn (Instrumental)


Ratcliff's Plan (Instrumental)


Getting Acquainted (Instrumental)


Skirmish (Instrumental)


River's Edge (Instrumental)


Percy's Bath (Instrumental)


Council Meeting (Instrumental)


Pocahontas (Instrumental)


I'll Never See Him Again (Instrumental)


Grandmother Willow (Instrumental)


Steady as the Beating Drum


The Virginia Company (Reprise)


Ship At Sea (Instrumental)