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Piranha 3DD Soundtrack CD. Piranha 3DD Soundtrack

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Piranha 3DD soundtrack lyrics

Movie, 2012
Summer School


The Impatient, the Imperfect, the Impossible

All the Right Moves 

Very Busy People

The Limousines 

Before I Die



The Limousines 


Bobot Adrenaline 

Quit, You're Being Thoughtless

Moros Eros 

The Good Life

Amber Pacific 

Internet Killed the Video Star

The Limousines 

Viktors Misery

Bobot Adrenaline 

Head Banger

Robert Etoll 


Josh Mobley feat. Reina Williams 

I'm Always Here

Jason Scheff 

Open Ya Mind (Instrumental)

Sarah Khula 

Chemical Kings

The One & Only's 

C'mon I Can't Wait (Instrumental)

Automatic Music Explosion 

Got Me in a Trance

Marcus Latief Scott