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Movie 43 Soundtrack CD. Movie 43 Soundtrack

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Movie 43 soundtrack lyrics

Movie, 2013
Beautiful Dream

Tim Urban 

Bright Red Chords

Loomis And The Lust 

Spiegel im Spiegel

Tasmin Little & Martin Roscoe 

Gimme Twice

The Royal Concept 

Try Me Out Sometime



Morten Abel 

The Cat Song

Lisa Papineau and Joanne Higginbottom 

Drop The Dress

Laurent Parisi 

The Boy

Morten Abel, Borge Fjordheim and Renate Engevold 

April Loves Rain

Line Larsen 

Aqua Sunrise

Dukes of DaVille 

Retard Money

Robert L. Carr, Victor Bradley and Dontay Lyons 

The Lagoon Cabin

Billy Goodrum 


Billy Goodrum 

The Eternal Wonder of Love

Billy Goodrum 


Shaun Michaud 

The End Of The Girl

Kiss The Girl