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Monuments Men, The Soundtrack CD. Monuments Men, The Soundtrack

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Monuments Men, The soundtrack lyrics

Movie, 2014
You Always Hurt The One You Love

The Mills Brothers 

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Nora Sagal 

Night And Day (Instrumental)

Patrick Peronne 

End Credits (Instrumental)


Finale (Instrumental)


Altaussee (Instrumental)


Castle Art Hoard (Instrumental)


Heilbronn Mine (Instrumental)


Gold! (Instrumental)


Claire & Granger (Instrumental)


Siegen Mine (Instrumental)


Jean-Claude Dies (Instrumental)


Stahl's Chalet (Instrumental)


The Nero Decree (Instrumental)


The Letter (Instrumental)


Into Bruges (Instrumental)


Sniper (Instrumental)


John Wayne (Instrumental)


I See You, Stahl (Instrumental)


Stokes (Instrumental)


Deauville (Instrumental)


Normandy (Instrumental)


Basic Training (Instrumental)


Champagne (Instrumental)


Ghent Altarpiece (Instrumental)


Opening Titles (Instrumental)


The Roosevelt Mission (Instrumental)