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Menopause Soundtrack CD. Menopause Soundtrack

4.2/5 (29 votes)

Menopause soundtrack lyrics

Musical, 2003
This Is Your Day!


New Attitude


Only You


What's Love Got To Do With It


Good Vibrations


I'm No Babe, Ma


The Work-Out Medley: The Fat Gram Song/My Thighs/Don't Say Nothing Bad About My Body


Puff, My God I'm Draggin'




Please Make Me Over


Lookin' For Food


Snae and Normal Girls/Thank You Doctor


The Great Pretender


I'm Flashing


Drippin' and Droppin'


Hot Flash


My Husband Sleeps Tonight


Stayin' Awake/Night Sweatin'


Sign of the Times


I Heard It...


Change, Change, Change