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Straight To Heaven (Reprise) Lyrics

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Straight To Heaven (Reprise) Lyric

Company Lyrics
Zanna, Don't! Soundtrack - Musical, 2003
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Straight To Heaven (Reprise) STEVE: Zanna, don't... We're sorry.

ZANNA:Don't any of you remember?

KATE: We remember we used to be friends...

ZANNA: Nothing else?

STEVE: Nothing else matters... Come on...
Guys, grab a girl, girls, grab a guy
Girls, grab a girl, and guys, grab a guy

KATE: Just grab ahold of somebody, whatever feels right

MIKE: And join the army of love, we're goin dancin tonight

ROBERTA: We can't afford to leave anyone outta the game

TANK: Love who you are, and someone else might do the same

ALL: And tonight we just might go - straight -- right to heaven.

Love is goin, right to my heart
Love is goin, right to my soul
Love is goin right to my mind
Love is goin right outta control

Love is goin right to my blood,
And right to my brain
And right to my bones, I think I'm goin insane
Because tonight we're gonna go - right to heaven.

Oh yeah, tonight we're gonna go - right to heaven.
Oh yeah, tonight we're gonna go - right to heaven.
Oh yeah, tonight we're gonna go - right to heaven.
Oh yeah, tonight we're gonna go - right to heaven.

[Thanks to NeonRainbow9@aol.com for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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