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Be A Man Lyrics

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Be A Man Lyric

Jai Rodriguez & Company Lyrics
Zanna, Don't! Soundtrack - Musical, 2003
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Be A Man ZANNA: Back in the times of Ancient Greece

The Spartans lived a dream '

Thousands of manly soldiers,

Just as far as the eye could see.

No one could destroy them,

Because they all lived as one.

(Manly soldiers, sweating manly in the sun).

They would destroy all the enemy,

And when the day was done,

They would gather in their tent for love '

ENSEMBLE: Love...love...love...love...love...

That's how they won!

ALL: Join the Army,

Join the Air Force,

Join the Coast Guard,

Join the Marines.

Work together.

Sweat together.

Shower together.

That's how it should be.

ZANNA: Alexander the Great,

You can be sure he wasn't straight '

He was a man.

BUCK: That's right, got no business with a wife!

ZANNA: Leonardo da Vinci,

He made such wicked killing machines,

'cause he was a man.

LADIES: Way to go, Leonardo!

ZANNA: Frederick the Great,

You know he made the Prussian State

Out of nothing.

How'd he do it'

ALL: By being a man.

ZANNA: Mishima,

ALL: and Lawrence of Arabia '

ZANNA: Will we ever see such men again'

ALL: Yes, sir!

ALL: Join the army, etc.

ZANNA: Be a man, etc.

ZANNA: Drop and give me ten, soldier. You're looking weak, soldier. Have you been sleeping with women'

Steve: No, sir!

ZANNA: I bet your daddy slept with women. That make you mad, soldier'

Well, it sure makes me mad that they're gonna let them heteros into this man's army. Present arms.

ZANNA: I don't know what you've been told.

ENSEMBLE: I don't know what you've been told.

ZANNA: Can't win a war with heteros.

ENSEMBLE: Can't win a war with heteros.

ZANNA: Heyyy.

ALL: Heyyy.


ALL: Ho.


ALL: Hey.


ALL: Ho.

ZANNA: Ho-o-o... Somebody say Ho.

ALL: Ho.

ZANNA: Somebody say Mo.

ALL: Mo.

ZANNA: Somebody say Ho.

ALL: Ho.


ALL: Mo.


ENSEMBLE: Join the army, etc.

ZANNA: Be a man, etc.

[Thanks to musicaluver723@yahoo.com for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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