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One Card Short Lyrics

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One Card Short

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One Card Short Life's just a duel
We all wanna win
Keep your hand a secret
Unleash the monsters within
Sometimes it's over
Before it's even begun
But if someone else gets hurt, then
What have we really won?

[Chorus: I'm always one card short
Always one day late
Sometimes I'd like an ending
I can celebrate

Stacked the deck myself
So there's no one else to blame
I need jsut one more move
One final chance to prove
I can win this game]

Life's just a duel
That's how the world is lived
But are we really players
Or are we bein' played?


Is what happens next in your control?
Are you doin' what you want, or what you've been told?
Do you choose the cards from your own hand?
Or are we just puppets in a master plan?

One more move!


One more move, I'm gonna win this game
Gonna win this game
I'm gonna win this game

One more move, I'll win this game..

[Thanks to sailormars105@hotmail.com for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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